Quali Lubricants

Quali Industries (QA), BVBA is specialized in the production and the export of petrochemical lubricants, brake fluids (check option (of) section ‘products’) and related products.
Because of the fast development of its distributors, especially in Europe, Africa and parts of Asia, Quali Industries was forced to open an additional production unit in Asia in order to meet the growing needs /wishes of its dealers. The European company philosophy has been fully integrated in this production unit in order to guarantee the level of quality of its products and services.

Because of continuous growth, especially on the Tunisian market and the African market in general, and keeping in mind the export opportunities to the neighbouring Maghreb markets, Quali Industries signed a joint venture with the Tunisian company FIPAL, which resulted in a brand new production unit, called FQI (Fipal – Quali Industries), near Sfax in Tunisia. (check section ‘partner’)

ASSETS Quali Industries

  • (F)QI offers a wide range of products (check section ‘products’) : engine oils, gear oils, industrial oils, greases and brake fluids for all applications.
  • (F)QI takes care of the entire follow up of each file; from the signed official order, planning production, logistics and (transport)documents to the port of destination. Our distributors do not need to put energy in these concerns and can focus completely on their local daily work.
  • (F)QI minds to the letter the norm ‘quality’ : the production and quality control respects carefully the prescribed specifications for each product, guaranteed by a thorough analysis in its laboratory after each production process. With each order we offer our dealers, as a guarantee, the necessary certificates of analysis.
  • (F)QI keeps close personal contact with its dealers. If required we try to visit our dealers on a regular basis to respond to their needs locally. In a way of speaking (F)QI considers its dealers as part of the “family” … working at the future together.
  • (F)QI respects the made agreements with its foreign export dealers. We work with 1, 2 or maximum 3 dealers per market/country, depending on the extent of the country, the potential of market and dealer and the kind of products in order to protect their interests and investments (made).